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सोमवार, 27 मई 2024

India moving ahead and Punjab is going backwards: Dr. Subhash Sharma

 India moving ahead and Punjab is going backwards: Dr. Subhash Sharma

Punjabi’s should support Modi for the betterment of the state: Dr. Subhash Sharma

Punjabi’s had tried AAP, Congress and Akali, give one chance to BJP : Dr. Subhash Sharma

BJP getting excellent response in rural Punjab: Dr. Subhash Sharma

Gangsters & Drugs on increase in Punjab matter of grave concern: Dr. Subhash Sharma

BJP candidate gets overwhelming response during his campaigns in Ropar & Kharar  

Ropar/Kharar/ May 26/ Daljeet Ajnoha 

BJP candidate from Sri Anandpur Sahib Constituency, Dr. Subhash Sharma, during his high-voltage election campaign in various areas of the Ropar and Kharar today asserted that only Prime Minister Narendra Modi could restore the lost glory of Punjab. Addressing a series of election rallies, Dr. Sharma said that during his ten-year tenure as PM, Modi has taken the country to new heights. “Just look at our road network, highways and railway stations – while the country is moving on the fast track of development, unfortunately, Punjab is lagging behind. This election, we all Punjabis must get together to ensure that we should contribute to the formation of the government by giving all 13 seats from Punjab to BJP and ensure that at least now Punjab witnesses unprecedented development in the third consecutive stint of Modi as PM”, he said, amid thunderous applause from the people.

Dr. Subhash said that it was a matter of grave concern that the country is moving forward and Punjab is going backwards. “On one hand, Yogi Adityanath has made Uttar Pradesh a crime and gangster-free state, on the other hand, ‘jungle raj’ is prevalent in Punjab with gangsters having a free run”, he said. Dr. Sharma said that while unemployment is on the rise in Punjab, the youth are getting addicted to drugs. “The curse of drugs has taken an alarming proportion, which needs to be dealt with an iron hand”, he stressed, while urging the electorate to strengthen the hands of Modi to script a new success story for Punjab.    

Pointing out that Punjab industry is migrating to other states Dr. Sharma said, “Apart from UP, Gujarat and many other states, even our neighbouring state of Haryana, has gone way ahead in terms of progress, whereas the situation of Punjab is that today the state owes a debt to the tune of Rs 3.5 lakhs crores. This could only be reversed and Punjab could well be on the path of progress if the people here will support Modi’s idea of India and his thought of Viksit Bharat (all-inclusive development).”  

Dr. Sharma also said that BJP is getting a tremendous response in the villages of Punjab. He said that Punjab had tried all parties – jharu (AAP), panja (Congress) and takdi (SAD) but the result is successive governments have miserably failed to address the problems of the state and have only worked for their own betterment. “The voice in the villages is that we have voted for AAP, as an alternate of Congress and SAD but they too have ruined the state and now we have decided to stand by Modi and vote for BJP”, he said, while adding that the rural people are committed to supporting BJP and PM Modi in its endeavour of all-round development of the country and Punjab.

During his election meetings, he also highlighted the various central schemes initiated by Modi for the benefit and upliftment of the poor. The enthusiasm of the general public in all election meetings was overwhelming.

India moving ahead and Punjab is going backwards: Dr. Subhash Sharma
  • Title : India moving ahead and Punjab is going backwards: Dr. Subhash Sharma
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  • Date : मई 27, 2024
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