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मंगलवार, 4 जून 2024

Akhil Bahartiya Aggarwal Sammelan (Jalandhar Unit) Punjab Extended.

 Akhil Bahartiya Aggarwal Sammelan (Jalandhar Unit) Punjab  Extended.

Hoshiarpur/Daljeet Ajnoha

President of Akhil Bahartiya Aggarwal Sammelan Punjab Sh. Surendra Aggarwal said that it is a very happy and joyous occasion for Akhil Bahartiya Aggarwal Sammelan that today a meeting was held at ITC Fortune Hotel, Jalandhar under the chairmanship of State President Mr. Surendra Aggarwal. In which supporting the policies of Akhil Bahartiya Aggarwal Sammelan and seeing their work, 35 members filled their new forms and all these members raised their hands and felt proud by joining the organization.  In this meeting, along with the State President, Mr. Manmohan Mittal Chairman, Mr. Harish Goyal Senior Vice President, Women Wing State President Mrs. Simran Agarwal, State Chairperson Mrs. Shakuntala Agarwal, Punjab I.T.  Chief Mrs. Monica Gupta and Mr. Sandeep Gupta, P.R.O.  Punjab Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Mr. Medhansh Gupta Youth Icon, Joint Cashier Mrs. Shweta Agarwal and Kangana Agarwal joined from Batala.  With unanimous consent, Mr. Surendra Aggarwal formed the Janldhar unit in which Mr. Ruchin Singhania was made the District Head and Mrs. Saroj Garg was made the District Head (Women's Wing).  Shri Dhaniram Aggarwal as General Secretary, Shri Pramod Garg as Senior Vice President, Shri Kanav Gupta as Treasurer, Shri Sanjay Aggarwal, Dr. Ajay Gupta, Shri Gaurav Garg and Shri Sanjeev Bansal as Vice Presidents, Advocate Munish Aggarwal as Legal Advisor, Shri Pankaj Aggarwal as Secretary,  Mr. Kushal Jain, Mr. Neeraj Agarwal and Mr. Govind Narayan Agarwal as Joint Secretary, Mr. Sanket Gupta as P.R.O., Mr. Yadav Goyal as Joint Treasurer and in the Women's Wing, Mrs. Nisha Gupta as General Secretary, Mrs. Ratika Garg as Vice President, Smt.  Jyotsna Aggarwal has been appointed as Joint Secretary and Mrs. Radhika Gupta has been appointed as P.R.O.  Honored with the post of.  The entire team of Jalandhar assured the State President that we are with the Akhil Bahartiya Aggarwal Sammelan with all our heart, mind and wealth and will make more and more members in Jalandhar and strengthen this organization and the center of our faith will be Maharaj Agrasen Ji in Agroha Shaktipeeth.  Will go to visit.

Akhil Bahartiya Aggarwal Sammelan (Jalandhar Unit) Punjab  Extended.
  • Title : Akhil Bahartiya Aggarwal Sammelan (Jalandhar Unit) Punjab Extended.
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  • Date : जून 04, 2024
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